SC Dowell Photographer



Some of My Favorite Sites: 


Kerik Kouklis Photography

Wonderful photographer/artist. Master printer. Works in ultra-large format and prints using platinum/palladium, gum-overs, and most recently, wet-plate collodion. Very nice guy. 

Clay Harmon Photography

Another excellent photographer/printer. Take a look at his stuff. Applies an understanding of the science of alternative photography to his unique artistic vision. Nice guy.  Finally updated his website!

Precision Digital Negatives

Mark Nelson has perfected a method for creating digital negatives for alternative process printing. Great stuff.

Houston Photographic Society

Local Houston based group of photography enthusiasts. Nice group of people.

 Peter Liepke

I recently discovered this gentleman in View Camera magazine. I found his website and corresponded with him. Nice guy, excellent work in Gum Bichromate. Highly recommended.

 Ann Texter

Interesting work. Uses several different kinds of processes. Check out the polaroid transfers. These are hard to do! Good stuff.

More to Come.....