SC Dowell Photographer


"Nothing is important; everything is. . . I don´t know why I´m here, but I´m glad I am—I´d rather be here than not. . . I am going to die and I want to live for ever. I can´t escape the fact, and I can´t let go of the desire." Damien Hirst, artist


I suppose I'm a latecomer to photography. I've been doing it for about 10 years, and I still learn something every day. I began making photographs after a serious lifelong illness forced my early retirement from that big yellow company based in upstate New York (Kodak). As my health will allow, I've been practicing it in earnest ever since. People who grow up feeling different for one reason or another (in my case health issues) often seem to have a need to express themselves in some creative way. I suppose I'm no different in this regard.

My style is still rather schizophrenic, in that I become interested in and try a lot of things. I'll probably always be this way to a degree, but I find myself narrowing my focus more and more these days. I've come to realize that I will never be an "edgy" photographer, who tries to make statements about the world or politics. I'm also not into simple "pretty pictures". I want my photographs to evoke an emotion in the viewer. It's as simple as that. If I can make that happen, my job will be done.

This is not a commercial website. This is not my business. I have no real interest in commercial photography. My desire is to be an artist. Is photography an art? I certainly believe it is. 
Having made this pretentious statement, I must also state that I am not in any way opposed to selling out. If you see one (or 10) of my images that you would like to buy, please e-mail me. It would please me to no end, and it would help offset the costs of this incredibly expensive process. Sometimes I think it would be cheaper if I were a drug addict.





--- Glassell School of Art , Museum of Fine Arts Houston 2003- 2005. 

      Course of study: Photography

--- Platinum Printing Workshop with Kerik Kouklis, Placerville, CA 2005

--- BA in Economics, Texas A&M University

--- AAS in Electronics Technology, North Harris  College


--- New online gallery at:

--- Exhibition, Alt. Processes Artistic Community Ensemble, Houston, TX 9/20/2009

--- Exhibition, SC Dowell Photographs. Playhouse 1960, Houston, TX beginning March 2009

--- Black and White Photography Magazine, featured Website of the Month, July 2008

--- Exhibition, A Show of Hands. ACE Community Theatre, Fall/Winter 2007

--- Solo Exhibition: Artistic Community Ensemble, Houston, TX Fall 2006

--- Houston Photographic Society, numerous awards in  Monthly Print 

--- Solo exhibition: Photosource Gallery, Houston, TX 2004

--- Glassell School of Art: Juried Photography Show, 2004

--- Glassell School of Art: Juried Art Exhibition, Spring 2004

--- Glassell School of Art: Juried Art Exhibition, Fall 2003

--- Exhibit, single image: Photosource, Houston, TX, 2003

--- Glassell School of Art: Juried Art Exhibition, Spring 2003