SC Dowell Photographer
* 5/19/2018 - It's been a while since I've updated. Health issues and life in general always seem to get in the way. I've begun experimenting with food photography, combining my loves of photography and cooking. It's all experimental at this point. Let me know what you think !

*6/1/2011 - I have recently begun working in the Wet Plate Collodion process. I'm very excited about starting this method that dates back to the early days of photography. See my portfolios section and the process/info section for the plates and an explanation of the process.

* 10/28/2009 - See my work on my new gallery page at:

* 9/20/2009 - Exhibition of alt. prints at Artistic Community Ensemble, Houston ,TX  (

* 3/06/2009 - 8/16/2009: Exhibition of gumover platinum and three color gum dichromate prints at Playhouse 1960, Houston, TX (

* See my featured Website of the Month in Black and White Photography Magazine, July 2008*